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Laurence Chocolate Treats Bola Laureno / 100g

Contains: Dark chocolate, hazelnut white praline, crushed hazelnuts. Price is per 100 grams
€2.20 incl tax

Potamianos Marrons Glaces 200gr

Candied chestnuts are the most refined taste that confectionery can offer. Its special processing ,which involves continuous sorting and handmade work, art and taste makes it the most precious candy. Selected chestnuts from various regions of Greece ,processed in a traditional way that requires long-lasting boiling to achieve maximum and even assimilation of the syrup to the chestnut’s heart.
€6.00 incl tax

Laurence Chocolate Treats Bitter Heart 100gr

Contains: Dark chocolate, bitter cream, almond and crispy rice. Price is per 100 grams.
€2.20 incl tax

Laurence Chommelier Red wine chocolate pairing 100gr

Red wine chocolate pairings .Dark chocolate with sour cherries and rose petals.
€5.70 incl tax

Laurence Chommelier Rose wine chocolate pairing 100gr

Rose wine chocolate pairings .Ruby chocolate with pomegranate and strawberry.
€5.70 incl tax

Laurence Chommelier White wine chocolate pairing 100gr

White wine chocolate pairings. Lemon flavored white chocolate citron.
€5.70 incl tax