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Jukeros Apple and Tomato Chutney 250gr.

A tempting company for grilled baked pork, poultry, cold cuts or cheese platters.

Jukeros Caramelized Onion Chutney 250gr.

A great company for grilled meat (pork, beef, poultry), minced meat, burgers and hot dogs. Can be used as a base for an onion tart or accompany tasty cheeses. Can also be combined with the ingredients of a roast sauce.

Jukeros Chutney with Florina Peppers & Chilli 250gr.

Perfect company for cheese platters, cold cuts, meat (pork and beef) and poultry.

Jukeros Fig Chutney 250gr.

Perfect company for any cheese

Jukeros Prune chutney with red peppers and Moroccan Spices 250gr.

Excellent with roasted meat, cheese and cold cuts. One spoonful is enough in a sauce to alter its character.