Cyprus Wines.

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The Κουκουβάγια range includes a white, a rose and a red wine. Our aim is to introduce easy to drink, fruity, aromatic, everyday wines, for the enlightened wine lover. You will enjoy these wines on their own and with your everyday meal. Στην υγειά σας! Cheers

Kolios Persefoni Xinisteri

The "Persefoni" wine is a product of the Kolios family which is produced on the wild, green mountain peaks at the highest village of Paphos, Statos-Agios Fotios. The family vineyards have been planted by our grandfathers on the rustic slopes of Paphos. With our love and care we collect grapes of high and excellent quality. In our family winery we create this miracle of nature in limited quantities. Enjoy ice cold with white meat, fish, nuts and fruits.


An excellent balanced red dry wine, with a smooth velvet taste and soft tannins. Characterized of the smoothness that flows in the mouth and the exceptional aromas of the original Cyprus grape varieties of “Maratheftico” and “Mavro”. It is best served at 16-18°C with light starters and red meat. It is recommended to open the bottle 30 minutes before serving.


Porfyros of Tsiakkas winery, produced from the varieties of Syrah, Grenache, Mouvredre and Cabernet Sauvignon, is considered as one of the three top red wines, a relatively cheap wine produced in the island. The wine produces a rich and clear fruity aroma, while its tannins are soft, with a vivid and well balanced acidity.


Grifos 2-White Vlassides Winery produces this wine with selected grapes of the indigenous variety Xynisteri, blended with Sauvignon Blanc (25%). The special selection of the grapes as well as the careful winemaking are the essential conditions that lead to the production of this exceptional wine. It is a fruity wine with lively acidity and aromas of green apple, citrus and pineapple. "Grifos 2-Lefkos" reaches the market just after bottling so that it can be enjoyed young. It should be stored in a horizontal position at 15°C and served chilled at 8-10°C. The wine pairs well with light salads and seafood. Due to its smooth texture it can also be consumed alone or as an aperitif. Vintage: 2016 Number of bottles: 20 000