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Honey Castro liqueur 25%

The HONEY CASTRO liqueur is produced with Greece’s best fir, thyme and flower honey, in a traditional way. This golden coloured sweet temptation with a velvety texture, prolonged aroma and a rich, intense taste, has traces of blossoms and herbs. One of the secrets of its success is that it contains real honey of an excellent quality. A liqueur that has made us ... stick!

Vanilla Castro liqueur 25% vol

The VANILLA CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural vanilla of Madagascar, in a traditional way. The exotic and sweet tasting vanilla spice is immersed in alcohol, which gives it a golden colour and endows it with a velvety feel and aroma.

Kalamos Liqueur Pomegranate

An exquisite combination of alcohol, pomegranate juice and sugar offers you an excellent dessert liqueur for all occasions.