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Dehydrated Tuber Aestivum Truffle Flakes 5gr

Comes in sliced form. Uniquely flavours green salads, omelettes, risottos, pasta and vegetables. Can be added to sauces or put for 15min in lukewarm water. The water may also be used for cooking. Ingredients: Dehydrated Tuber Aestivum (Scorzone) truffle flakes. Serving size about ca. 1gr

Vlassides Winery Merlot 75cl

Merlot is a an early ripening red variety, with origins from western France. The grapes for Vlassides Merlot come from the vineyard at Karamanos area, in Kilani. The wine matures for one year in oak barrels and one year in the bottle. With the potential to mature for an additional six to seven years. Best served at 16-18°C.

Genuine Taste Black Garlic Powder 50g

Black garlic powder is the absolute seasoning for even the most demanding palates. Taste hunters have already discovered the magic of Black Garlic and added it to their kitchen. This amazing spice comes to make it even easier to use, ready to add something more to your dish! But what is black garlic? It is the new trend of modern cooking, the dark overgrowth. Our organic “caramelized” black garlic has undergone a special process. When consumed, one will realize that most of its intense taste and smell is removed. However, its essential nutrients and antioxidants are preserved.

Genuine Taste "The OLON Series" Red Apple Chips 5 pcs x 18gr

A whole dried apple, cut in a tornado-like way, attached as a whole, crispy and delicious. What is it? An apple chips! Craving a crunch? Meet the appetizing new way to get your apple a day! For you who want a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste, our Apple are the ultimate ‘grab-n-go’ snacks. The perfect way to pack a lightweight natural apple that won’t spoil your diet. Made from fresh and juicy apples, Genuine Tastes Apple Chips meet the quest for an indulgent yet healthier snack alternative. With low sodium, low fat and an irresistible light, crunchy and sweet taste.

Jukeros Frozen Berries 260ml

A refreshing iced tea with fruits of the forest, lemon and agave syrup. Free from preservatives, artificial coloring and additives Sugar free Gluten free

Chommelier Red wine chocolate pairing 100gr

Red wine chocolate pairings .Dark chocolate with sour cherries and rose petals.

Laurence Chommelier Rose wine chocolate pairing 100gr

Rose wine chocolate pairings .Ruby chocolate with pomegranate and strawberry.

Laurence Chommelier White wine chocolate pairing 100gr

White wine chocolate pairings. Lemon flavored white chocolate citron.

Laurence Premium Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Blueberries 80gr