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Menargos Commandaria 2011

Ancestral drive,passion,creativity and perhaps"biological memory"have led the wine producer in presenting this wine which for the last ten centuries bears the name "commandaria"this wine was exacted by sun drying the two indigenus Cyprus varieties Mavro & Aspro Xinisteri. Complex aromas of caramel ,coffee and dried figs with notes of honey. Balanced acidity with a full body and a long aftertaste.Aged in barrel for two years.

Avalin Organic Avocado Oil

100% pure, all-natural and handcrafted in Crete from premium organic avocados. Ideal for the skin, hair and scalp especially for infants and children.

Organic Semi Dried Figs 150gr

Harvested since the beginning of time and said to represent knowledge, figs may be the third most sacred tree cultivated by the ancient Hellenes, after the olive tree and grape vine. According to Herodotus, the main reason for Xerxes invasion of Ancient Greece was in order to secure access to fresh Figs. So close your eyes. Take a bite. And let the velvety taste and texture of these Organic Semi Dried Figs take you to a place of snack-driven desire, of fruitful passion, of wildly permissible indulgence. These moist and delicious figs have hints of honey, jam with a subtle nuttiness from the seeds. Looking exquisite, their naturally occurring sugars emerge during the drying process. It is said that the fig is the oldest fruit domesticated by man and a symbol of will power and personal wealth, as this tree can grow in even the most arid conditions and in soil with little to no nutrients. There’s really nothing quite like them. So congrats, nature. You really nailed it on this one.

Amaretto Castro liqueur 25%vol

The AMARETTO CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural apricot kernel extracts, in a traditional way. It is a mildly bitter (“amaretto”), sweet liqueur with an intensely mature taste. The bitter almonds (apricot kernels) are immersed in alcohol and emit sweet hues of unique aromas with mild bitter tinges at the end.

Grapefruit Castro liqueur 25% vol

The GRAPEFRUIT CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural grapefruit peel extracts, in a traditional way. It is a bitter-sweet intense and explosive liqueur. The grapefruit peels release juicy and succulent aromas into the alcohol, while the sugar blends the mixture, producing sweet and bitter notes that are perfectly balanced.

Vanilla Castro liqueur 25% vol

The VANILLA CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural vanilla of Madagascar, in a traditional way. The exotic and sweet tasting vanilla spice is immersed in alcohol, which gives it a golden colour and endows it with a velvety feel and aroma.

Honey Castro liqueur 25%

The HONEY CASTRO liqueur is produced with Greece’s best fir, thyme and flower honey, in a traditional way. This golden coloured sweet temptation with a velvety texture, prolonged aroma and a rich, intense taste, has traces of blossoms and herbs. One of the secrets of its success is that it contains real honey of an excellent quality. A liqueur that has made us ... stick!

Coffee Castro liqueur 24%

The COFFEE CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural coffee bean extracts, in a traditional way. This explosively spicy, dark and aromatic liqueur with a strong and distinct aroma is velvety and full of texture with an intense and unique taste. The secret of this composite creation is the coffee bean variety used to produce it. It is strongly recommended for coffee fans and connoisseurs.

Mandarin Castro liqueur 24%

The refreshing, aromatic, fruity and delectable MANDARIN CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural mandarin peel extracts, in a traditional way. Even though the mandarin is a winter fruit, it provides the Mandarin Castro liqueur with a summer breeze that creates a delightful treat.