Papargyriou Winery

Dear Wine Lover,

Our family’s winery and vineyards lie near the village of Lalioti, Corinthia, 120km to the west of Athens. 

Our oldest vineyard lies on the slopes of Corinthia at 250m altitude, facing north towards the Gulf of Corinth. The shape of the little valley, where our grapevines are planted, enables a good circulation of the cool night breeze ensuring a slow and full grape ripening. The soil is a calcareous limestone, giving the wines aromatic complexity and depth.
The other vineyard lies at high altitude (850m) near the village of Sofiana, facing southeast. Here the aromatic white grapes such as Muscat or Sauvignon Blanc but also the red grapes such as Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon show their great potential. The soil is a sandy clay, this resulting in wines with richness and body, able to age and improve for many years.

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Papargyriou Le Vigneron Grec

Golden color of an Assyrtiko that was fermented for 10 days with its marc, but also Muscat marc, and was aged for about seven months in barrels of 500 liters. Aromas of apricot jam, peach, orange peel and some muscat notes. Full and exuberant mouth feel with rich tannins that evolves over time. Long lasting aftertaste. Food-Cooking Style Fish and seafood, meat with lemon sauces, pasta and white cheeses. Serve Temp 12 - 14 °C Can be long aged

Ca, c'est Correct

"Ca, c'est Correct" ("this is good, it's allright, a saying of the great Henri Bonneau)Ca C'est Correct Chardonnay 2017 by Yiannis Papargiriou is an expressive limited bunch Chardonnay from his vineyard at an altitude of 700m in mountainous Corinthia. Fermentation and aging take place in 3rd use large French oak barrels of 500lt where the wine remains for 8 months with the lees, acquiring elegant aromas of oak but also exceptional complexity and structure. Ca C'est Correct is great now and will be just as wonderful for 5 years.

Papargyriou Blanc

Our most popular wine, a blend from the Muscat and Assyrtiko grapes, grown at 850m., at Sofiana, Corinthia. The nose is dominated by Muscat, whereas the palate combines the fruitiness of Muscat and the body and structure of the Assyrtiko. Drink it with salads, white meat, fish or oysters at 9-11°C.

Papargyriou Late Harvest

A sweet, fragrant wine produced from the Muscat grape, is best served with fruit, cheese or on its own as a dessert wine. It possesses enough acidity to balance its sweetness and thus it can be combined with cheese or fruits. It is delightful also as an aperitif. Best drinking temperature: 8-10°C. A wine that improves with age, developing more complex aromas.

Papargyriou Don Jovanni

Ruby colored and elegant, with a distinctive varietal aroma and many ripe tannins. We suggest drinking it at 16-17°C with pasta or red meat dishes.

Papargyriou Le Roi de Montagne Syrah

A unique wine, made from very ripe Syrah grapes, grown at 850m. , at Sofiana,Corinthia. Almost black, impenetrable color, full body and an Amarone-like character define this extraordinary effort. Drink it with cheese, game, red grilled meat or a bitter chocolate at 18-19°C. It can improve and last for 12-15 years.