Legumes & Seeds

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Bio Lentils Antonopoulos 500gr

Lentils from a local variety of organic farming.Combine legumes with other sources of vegetable protein such as wheat, This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. millet or the buckwheat since this combination gives a plate of high biological value protein. A combination useful for those who are following a vegetarian diet or for those who are fasting. Suitable for vegan and vegetarians
€3.50 incl tax

Bio Medium Chickpeas Antonopoulos (500g)

Chickpeas from a local indigenous organic farming variety. Suitable for vegan and vegetarians.
€3.30 incl tax

Bio Dilofo White Beans Antonopoulos 500gr

White beans provide a good source of protein, an excellent source of fiber, and several essential nutrients. Suitable for vegan and vegetarians.
€3.95 incl tax

Bio pop corn kernels Antonopoulos 500gr

Corn (Zea mays, its Latin name) is an annual crop and belongs to the family of Poaceae. Corn is a staple food in many parts of the world and is the third most consumed cereal after wheat and rice. It originated in South America and was the food of the indigenous peoples. Today it is one of the most important crops for the development of the world economy.
€3.50 incl tax