Sugar Free Marmelades

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Jukeros Apricot & Bitter Almond Spread with Agave 240gr

Delicious choice to start your day with. Can also be used for glazing cakes and tarts or as a filling for biscuits.
€0.00 incl tax

Jukeros Nectarine & Chios Mastic Spread with Agave 240gr.

Can be used in champagne cocktails for a Bellini with rich mastic aroma
€0.00 incl tax

Jukeros Raspberry and Goji-Berries Spread with Agave 240gr.

Apart from breakfast, we can use it as a filling for sweets, tarts, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes and many more.
€0.00 incl tax

Jukeros Strawberry Spread with Basil & Agave 240gr.

Can be used as a spread for daily breakfast. As an excellent glaze on strawberry cheesecakes, as a filing for tarts, as a base for strawberry vinaigrette.
€0.00 incl tax