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Bergamot is one of the most traditional sweet spoons, for many, it is the most aromatic and finest with a clear color. Sweet spoons are the typical example of Greek hospitality from past· an art that each housewife ought to know. Bergamot is completely interwoven with it.Its fragrance is distinct and intense citrus. Its manufacturing process resembles that of the bitter orange peels, as it also has this characteristic shape of a roll.


Every April-May figs are small and unripe and then we make one of the finest sweet spoons, Fig. It contains the basic component of human nutrition over 3000 years. It was a sort of first need for the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean as well as the East. Lovely homemade sweet, elegant in its small size, with excellent scent and taste that return everybody to the past nostalgically. Its characteristic green color is preserved in the jar and is in perfect harmony with the carnation and the almond, which gives a touch of their aroma. It can combine with whipped cream, yogurt, ice cream, cakes and tarts, even in a variety of cheeses.Nutritional value (100 gr) Energy 265 Kcal Lipids < 1,3% Of which saturated fat < 0,1% Carbohydrate 62,00% Of which sugar 59,5% Protein < 1,0% Salt < 0,01%


Bitter orange peels or orange of Seville belongs to the citrus family, its fruit is similar to orange but its difference is the bitter taste. The ideal productive period for this fruit is from mid-January to the end of February, so it's matured appropriately. We chose thick bitter orange peels with tight and thick flesh. We follow the process that gives them this particular twisted shape, wrapping the peels in a roll. The result is a fully smelled orange jar with orange gold color. We enjoy it pleasantly with yogurt, but the citrus sweet peel is one of the best top or ingredients of other sweets.Nutritional value (100 gr) Energy 266,12kcal Lipids <0,5 % Of which saturated fat <0,5 % Carbohydrate 69,93 % Of which sugar 56,3 Protein 0,97 % Salt 0,008 %


Firiki is a small apple, which is mainly found in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of the country in the autumn months. It is oval-shaped, slightly sour, its peel is thick, green-red with fluffy flesh and very sweet. For many, it is the king of the apple because it is very fragrant and highly aromatic. Firiki that we recommend has a delicate flavor, coming from both apple itself and the cinnamon, carnation and almonds that have been added to take off its flavor. Small apples are used whole, shrink into the syrup, making each spoon a unique delight. It’s the classiest sweet spoon ever. It’s suggested over yogurt, along with fresh sweet whipped cream or plain after lunch.Nutritional value (100 gr) Energy 241,59Kcal Lipids <0,5 % Of which saturated fat <0,5 % Carbohydrate 62,84% Of which sugar 52,2% Protein 0,63% Salt 0,01%


Green bitter orange: We usually let citrus fruits grow and mature, but green bitter orange, which is not consumed anyway as fruits, become sweet at an early stage and harvested in July. Green, very fragrant sweet spoon that desires special patience in the process, but its result compensates even the most demanding palate. They are small in size they have not yet internally stuck their seeds, exhaling a bittersweet taste. The syrup that covers them is as much as it should and maintain fruit crispy outside and at the same time so juicy inside. Though it is not such a usual sweet spoon, everyone who tries it, become their beloved ones. Try it in creams, cakes, tarts and natural yogurt.Nutritional value (100 gr) Energy 275,56Kcal Lipids <0,5 % Of which saturated fat <0,5 % Carbohydrate 72,16 % Of which sugar 30 % Protein 1,24 % Salt 0,01 %


The fruit that managed to stay close to tradition is cherry. We can taste it only in the summer because it matures only in these months. That's why we make it in the summer, in order to enclose all summer memories in our jars, which you can enjoy them in the winter and bring you back to the beautiful warmth moments of summer. What’s more tasty treat from a spoonful of homemade sweet made with love. Cherries have a dark color, they are very crisp and remain their round shape and juice. It’s predominantly traditional sweet spoon, beloved in children and adults, crispy, syrupy, vivid red in color. Enjoy it just plain, with yogurt, like garnish sweets, it launches every taste of ice cream if you put it on top.Nutritional value (100 gr) Energy 255,09Kcal Lipids <0,5 % Of which saturated fat <0,5 % Carbohydrate 65,42 % Of which sugar 57,30 % Protein 2,44 % Salt <0,01 %