Vlasides Winery

ο Οινοποιείο μας βρίσκεται στο χωριό Κοιλάνι, στα κρασοχώρια Λεμεσού. Σε αυτό παράγουμε οίνους υψηλής ποιότητας από τις ερυθρές ποικιλίες Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon και Merlot, καθώς και από τις λευκές ποικιλίες Ξυνιστέρι και Sauvignon blanc. Τα κρασιά μας παράγονται από τοπικά σταφύλια της περιοχής, τα οποία καλλιεργούνται στα 160 στρέμματα των ιδιόκτητών μας αμπελώνων και σε άλλους συνεργαζόμενους αμπελώνες, κυρίως ντόπιων παραγωγών. Οι αμπελώνες του οινοποιείου εκτείνονται στην ευρύτερη περιοχή του χωριού Κοιλάνι, νότια του Τροόδους, σε υψόμετρο που ξεκινά από τα 700 μέτρα και φτάνει στα 1000 μέτρα, στις κορυφές του βουνού Αφάμης. Όλα τα σταφύλια που προέρχονται από συνεργαζόμενους αμπελώνες και χρησιμοποιούνται για οινοποίηση ελέγχονται διεξοδικά από το Σοφοκλή Βλασίδη, με σκοπό τη διασφάλιση της ποιότητας.Το 2012 το Οινοποιείο Βλασίδη μετεγκαταστάθηκε στο αμπελοτόπι Κολώνη, στην καρδιά των ιδιόκτητών του γραμμικών αμπελώνων. Ο ενιαίος αμπελώνας 50 στρεμμάτων που περιτριγυρίζει το οινοποιείο βρίσκεται δύο χιλιόμετρα έξω από το Κοιλάνι στο δρόμο προς το Βουνί. Η μοντέρνα αρχιτεκτονική του κτηρίου συνδυάζει το ξύλο και την παραδοσιακή πέτρα της περιοχής με σύγχρονα υλικά, όπως μέταλλο και εμφανές μπετόν. Ξεχωριστά σημεία του κτηρίου αποτελούν ο χώρος υποδοχής και γευσιγνωσίας, καθώς και ο χώρος φύλαξης των βαρελιών και των φιαλών (κάβες), ο οποίος έχει κτιστεί μέσα στο βουνό. Οι σύγχρονες εγκαταστάσεις και ο νέος εξοπλισμός έχουν κάνει το έργο του Σοφοκλή Βλασίδη ευκολότερο και αποδοτικότερο, συμβάλλοντας στη βελτίωση της ποιότητας των κρασιών και στην αύξηση της συνολικής παραγωγής φιαλών, η οποία φθάνει σήμερα τις 120 000 ετησίως.

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Grifos 2-White Vlassides Winery produces this wine with selected grapes of the indigenous variety Xynisteri, blended with Sauvignon Blanc (25%). The special selection of the grapes as well as the careful winemaking are the essential conditions that lead to the production of this exceptional wine. It is a fruity wine with lively acidity and aromas of green apple, citrus and pineapple. "Grifos 2-Lefkos" reaches the market just after bottling so that it can be enjoyed young. It should be stored in a horizontal position at 15°C and served chilled at 8-10°C. The wine pairs well with light salads and seafood. Due to its smooth texture it can also be consumed alone or as an aperitif. Vintage: 2016 Number of bottles: 20 000


Grifos 3-Rose A new venture for the winery which began in 2013 was the production of a Rose wine made from a blend of Shiraz and Grenache grapes. Τhis distinctive blend gives the wine a light pink colour with aromas of wild berries and a pleasant refreshing aftertaste. "Grifos 3- Rose" is an easy drinking wine, so it is best enjoyed young at 10-12°C all year round, either as an aperitif or combined with Asian cuisine, pasta or salads. Vintage: 2016 Number of bottles: 6 000


Grifos 1-Red "Grifos 1-Red" is a blend of Mataro and Agiorgitiko, which is an indigenous Greek variety. Its vinification takes place always in September. It goes out to the market immediately after bottling in the summer of the following year and can be consumed young throughout the year. Its main characteristics are the soft tannins and the fresh forest fruit flavours. It can be stored and consumed at 15-16°C and can be pleasantly combined with a traditional Cyprus meze. Vintage: 2015 Number of bottles: 13 000


Sauvignon blanc Vlassides "Vlassides Sauvignon blanc" is made exclusively with Sauvignon blanc grapes, grown around the new winery, in our own vineyards. Vinification takes place in August and bottling in November-December. It goes out to the market just before the Christmas holidays and can be consumed young throughout the year. Sauvignon blanc is an intense aromatic wine with bright, yellow-green colour, which is characterized of complex aromas such as fresh cut grass, citrus and pineapple with refreshing fruity acidity. It should be stored in horizontal position at 15°C and served chilled at 10-12°C. It can accompany grilled fish, chicken, seafood and pasta. Vintage: 2016 Number of bottles: 15 000


Shiraz Vlassides Most wine lovers believe that "Vlassides Shiraz" is the best Shiraz produced in Cyprus and one of the top locally produced red wines. Almost half of the wine produced at the winery is Shiraz. This leading wine of our winery is very concentrated, well balanced and complex. The grape variety Shiraz shows its distinctive character in each bottle of "Vlassides Shiraz". It gives a full-bodied and yet velvety flavoured wine with great intensity and a long lasting aftertaste. In terms of colour, the wine is almost black. Aromatically, it is very rich in fruits of the forest, such as black cherry and blackcurrant. The aromas are further enhanced with vanilla and smokiness which is provided by the ageing in French oak barrels for eight to nine months. It has an ageing potential of five years, but it is best to be consumed three to four years after its vinification. It can be enjoyed with white meat, pasta dishes and various cheeses, by keeping it at a temperature of 15 to 16°C. The wine should be stored horizontally at around 15°C. Vintage: 2015 Number of Bottles: 45 000


Cabernet Sauvignon Vlassides "Vlassides Cabernet Sauvignon" is a complex and full-bodied wine. The wine has a multi-faceted character and well-balanced acidity with strong but approachable tannins. It has got a deep red ink colour and a rich nose with aromas of dark berries, chocolate, green pepper and spices. The grapes are harvested at the beginning of September from our vineyards around the area of Kilani village, which are situated at an altitude of around 650m. We ferment the grapes in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and mature the wine for twelve to fourteen months in small French oak barrels. This maturation period gives the aromas of vanilla, caramel and black chocolate, as well as a smooth texture to the wine. Although “Vlassides Cabernet Sauvignon” is ready to drink now, it will continue to improve with age for at least ten years from the production year. The wine goes well with spicy food, red meat and game at a temperature of around 18°C. It should be stored horizontally at cellar temperatures of 12-15°C . Vintage: 2014 Number of bottles: 13 000