Zambartas Winery

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The Κουκουβάγια range includes a white, a rose and a red wine. Our aim is to introduce easy to drink, fruity, aromatic, everyday wines, for the enlightened wine lover. You will enjoy these wines on their own and with your everyday meal. Στην υγειά σας! Cheers


The Xynisteri grapes which produced this fine and fruity white wine were grown at steep old vineyards on the St. Nickolas and Afamis mountains overlooking Omodos village at the Krasochoria region. To the eye it is light yellow which denotes freshness and welcomes you to taste it. The peach and passion fruit aromas are immediately apparent. Barrel fermentation of part of this wine gave enriching aromas of toasted cinnamon. The refreshing acidity and the lingering aftertaste of this enjoyable wine is attributed to the lime soils of our Xynisteri vineyards cooling down in the night and moderately warming up during the mild summer on 800m elevation on the southern slope of the Troodos mountains (…and careful winemaking!)


For the present, this wine is our flagship. Zambartas Rosé has been rated very highly by local and international wine writers. Some even described it as the best rosé wine sold in the country. A price winner in wine competitions year by year, Zambartas Rosé will reward consistently those who experience it bottle after bottle. The wine is a blend of the local variety Lefkada and Cabernet Franc. Both varieties are renowned for their strong aroma and flavour of red fruit and pleasant acidity.