“VIOS” Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

AB EARTH FLAVORS proudly presents its top quality organic extra virgin olive oil from Chania, Crete, “VIOS”. “VIOS” organic extra virgin olive oil has a very low acidity, less than 0,2% and is produced exclusively from the small sized olives of the famous Koroneiki variety.
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VIOS is a balanced olive oil of extraordinary quality, with a fruity aroma and a very slight bitterness that leaves a long fresh aftertaste. It has a deep green color with gold hints and contains strong notes of fresh cut grass and artichoke.

VIOS is highly recommended as a gourmet product, addressed to selective consumers who wish to savor only the finest things in life. Based on thorough and devoted work and always aiming at perfection, AB EARTH FLAVORS selects for VIOS organic extra virgin olive oil only the finest handpicked Koroneiki olives from the slopes of the Cretan mountains, when their color turns from green into black, before the olives reach full maturity. The olives are processed within a few hours from their harvest in temperatures less than 25 degrees Celsious in small batches in our state of the art olive mill to produce this exquisite multi-awarded olive oil.

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Κριός ΤαχίνιΤαχίνι Ολικής Άλεσης 300gr

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Cretanthos Bio EVOO 500ml

Το Cretanthos Bio EVOO είναι ανώτερης ποιότητας Βιολογικό, Έξτρα Παρθένο Ελαιόλαδο. Αυτό το κρητικό ελαιόλαδο παράγεται από ώριμες ελιές της γνωστής ποικιλίας κορωνέικης, με αποτελέσμα να είναι εξαιρετικά πλούσιο σε αρώμα και γεύση, ενώ παράγεται με τη μέθοδο της ψυχρής έκθλιψης στο ελαιοτριβείο, κάτι που του επιτρέπει να διατηρεί όλη τη θρεπτική αξία του ελαιοκάρπου.
€8,00 με ΦΠΑ