Bio Greek Mountain (Sidiritis) tea 1450 20gr

“Very attractive, bright colour, vivid with good clarity. Attractive presentation- the flower buds are whole, bright and beautiful. Light aroma, with grassy notes on the nose. Delicate, vegetal, citrus and subtle herbal notes on the palate. All in all, a very refreshing drink with mild, herbal and citrus notes. The judges felt it was an enjoyable, soothing tea, produced by a good quality incredient”.
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Our effort has taken place in the Hellenic mainland, on the mountain of Grammos and more specifically in the village of Kotili, in the Prefecture of Kastoria. The village is situated in an altitude of 1.450 metres above sea level, where we cultivate mountain tea (Sideritis) with great respect to nature. The land in which we cultivate our tea is surrounded by forests with a variety of trees such as spruce, pine trees, beech trees, cedar and by a number of natural springs, in an altitude varying from 1.300 to 1.520 metres above sea level.

The reason why the “1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs” company was created in the first place, was the attempt to redefine the origins of mountain tea and to cultivate it where it originally comes from, “the mountain”. That explains why our company was named after the region’s altitude.

It is said that it took its name by its ability to cure injuries caused by metal objects, or as others say by the shape of its flower which looks like a spear tip. It is a perennial plantand its height ranges from 10 to 50 centimetres. Its roots are thin and round with fuzz. Its leaves are also covered with fuzz and their length ranges from 1 to 6 centimetres.They are fat, slightly fleshy, long and ellispoidal. Its flowers form corymbs with a yellow-white colour. Sideritis is a tasteful and aromatic herb.

It contains flavonoids and it is thought to heal and help prevent the common cold, inflammation of the upper respiratory system, indigestion and intestinal disorders. It is also considered to be antioxidant and a natural pain and stress reliever.

Preparing your herbal drink


For every cup, you we need to fill a filter, which is included in your package, with the tea flowers and add fresh water. The temperature of the water must be approximately 90-95 degrees Celcius (just before its boiling point). Your herbal drink will be ready within 8 to 10 minutes.

You may also add honey or lemon for a different flavour.

Mountain tea (Sideritis) can be served as an excellent hot winter beverage, but also as a refreshing drink during the hot summer months.

1450 - Tea by Hellenic Exceptional Herbs see video here