Castro Mastiha Liqueur 20% 500ml

“Mastic” (“Mastiha”) is an aromatic resin (tear drop) that has been known since antiquity for its beneficial and therapeutic properties, which is derived from the Mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia), a shrub that exclusively and only flourishes in southern Chios. It is unique and valuable and is widely used in the production of food, beverages, cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products.
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The first distillery of the “TENTOURA CASTRO – G.P. HAHALIS” Company commenced operations in the 19th century at Agios Georgios Sikousis, one of the mastic villages on the fragrant (“myrovolos”) island of Chios.

The MASTIHA CASTRO liqueur, a 100% natural product from the extraction and distillation of Mastic was also produced there.

This recipe was transferred to Patras in 1939, where the business relocated and its production has continued.

The MASTIHA CASTRO liqueur contains natural extracts and essential oils of the Chios mastic, which laboratory (in vitro) studies that were undertaken by the Democritus University of Thrace, in cooperation with our distillery, demonstrated anticancer activity, in the research Project entitled “Use of organic active essential oils in the production of alcoholic drinks and confectionery products with potential health benefits”.

The MASTIHA CASTRO liqueur accentuates the superb distinct aroma and the smooth refined taste of the Mastic.

It is predominantly drunk after a hearty meal as a digestive liqueur (digestif), straight or on the rocks as a regular drink, chilled in small glasses, with soda or fresh fruit juice, in coffee, chocolate or tea, or combined with citrus fruit liqueurs, such as: Bergamot Castro, Mandarin Castro, Grapefruit Castro, or with herbal liqueurs, such as Sage Castro, or with Sour Cherry Castro liqueur, or in cocktails