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Castro Mastiha Liqueur 20% 500ml

“Mastic” (“Mastiha”) is an aromatic resin (tear drop) that has been known since antiquity for its beneficial and therapeutic properties, which is derived from the Mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia), a shrub that exclusively and only flourishes in southern Chios. It is unique and valuable and is widely used in the production of food, beverages, cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products.
€13.50 incl tax

Castro Tentoura Liqueur 500ml

TENTOURA CASTRO is the only Tentoura liqueur that contains 100% natural extracts of fruits and spices, predominantly cinnamon and cloves, as well as nutmeg, citrus fruits, Chios mastic, etc.
€17.50 incl tax

Tentoura Liqueur with Mastiha 500ml

Tentoura Castro liqueur with the aroma of Chios island! The intense spice extracts in Tentoura Castro coexist with the unique aroma and flavour of the Chios natural mastic, which is renowned for its beneficial properties.
€17.50 incl tax

Ginger Castro liqueur 500ml

The GINGER CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural fresh ginger extracts, in a traditional way. The exotic ginger root is extracted in alcohol, which results in a liqueur that is both fresh and spicy, with an aroma of lemon and a sweet, peppery flavour.
€17.50 incl tax

Bergamot Castro liqueur 24% 500ml

BERGAMOT CASTRO is an aromatic, fruity, slightly bitter and assuredly enjoyable liqueur that stands out with its unique taste. It is produced from 100% natural bergamot peel extracts, in a traditional way.
€17.50 incl tax

Castro Sage Liqueur 500ml

The SAGE CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural sage leaf extracts, in a traditional way. This digestive liqueur (digestif) containing all the charm concealed in Greek herbs is extracted from dried sage leaves. It is a bitter-sweet liqueur with spicy traces, an intense aroma and a strong personality.
€17.50 incl tax