Militsa Apple Cider

In founding the first dedicated cidery in Cyprus husband and wife team Nigel O'Connor and Natasa Kleanthous have drawn inspiration from their shared appreciation of the island’s stunning natural beauty and village traditions. Their goal is to compliment the country’s abundance of quality local produce by introducing premium apple cider to the island.


The Militsa cidery is located in Natasa’s home village of Farmakas, in the Machairas mountains, where countless generations of farmers have utilised the clean air and pristine spring water available to reap nature’s bountiful harvest. Working with local growers to preserve orchards of native Cypriot apple varieties, Militsa is fermented from nothing but the fresh-pressed juice of hand-picked, locally sourced apples. The cider is then aged until its flavour is matured and ready for bottling.


Militsa is a traditional Greek name meaning ‘little apple tree’. The character represents one of the anerades (nymphs) of ancient Greek mythology who worked through the seasons to accentuate nature’s beauty. Her dedication to the apple harvest symbolizes the passion Nigel and Natasa have committed to bring premium apple cider to Cyprus; and in doing so they hope to bring a taste of Cyprus to the world.