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Vlassides Winery Shiraz 75cl

Shiraz Vlassides Most wine lovers believe that "Vlassides Shiraz" is the best Shiraz produced in Cyprus and one of the top locally produced red wines. Almost half of the wine produced at the winery is Shiraz. This leading wine of our winery is very concentrated, well balanced and complex. The grape variety Shiraz shows its distinctive character in each bottle of "Vlassides Shiraz". It gives a full-bodied and yet velvety flavoured wine with great intensity and a long lasting aftertaste. In terms of colour, the wine is almost black. Aromatically, it is very rich in fruits of the forest, such as black cherry and blackcurrant. The aromas are further enhanced with vanilla and smokiness which is provided by the ageing in French oak barrels for eight to nine months. It has an ageing potential of five years, but it is best to be consumed three to four years after its vinification. It can be enjoyed with white meat, pasta dishes and various cheeses, by keeping it at a temperature of 15 to 16°C. The wine should be stored horizontally at around 15°C. Vintage: 2015 Number of Bottles: 45 000
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