a journey

Since 1888, METAXA is on a journey to offer a one-of-a-kind amber spirit.

Experience the unique taste of Samos Muscat wines, aged wine distillates and Mediterranean botanicals for an intense smoothness.

Whether it is color, aroma or taste, its inspiring aura opens your mind and your perspectives. METAXA is more than a drink, it is a journey that awakens your desire to explore and discover.


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Metaxa -Angels Treasure 70cl

Opulent & sophisticated !! In the cellars of the house,the Metaxa Master has captured what Angels left behind, a rare treasure of blends aged for decades, that have reached the peak of their concentration. Sense Dry prune,dry fig,nutmeg,Ceylon cinnamon,ginger,wild bees honey,caramel,dry flower petal and notes of old oak.
€180,00 με ΦΠΑ